Diploma Programmes

Department of Communication
Diploma in Communication Media2½ years –
3 years
RM21,215 (Malaysian)
RM26,445 (International)
Diploma in Library Management2½ yearsRM21,290 (Malaysian)
Department of Visual Art
Diploma in Digital Graphics Design3 yearsRM16,185 (Malaysian)
RM22,235 (International)
Diploma in Photography Technology3 yearsRM18,495 (Malaysian)
RM26,605 (International)
Department of Computing
Diploma in Information Technology3 yearsRM18,195 (Malaysian)
RM25,035 (International)
Diploma in Computer Science (Industrial Computing)2½ yearsRM17,265 (Malaysian)
RM27,860 (International)
Diploma in Multimedia Industry2½ yearsRM17,295 (Malaysian)
RM27,899 (International)

Be Our Student

03-5522 3435 / 3535 (Undergraduate)
03-5522 3465 / 3564 (International)