Welcome to the Faculty of Communication, Visual Art and Computing (FCVAC)!

Advancement of technology saw the merging of different mediums in conveying or sharing information. The combination of communication, design and information technology is a necessity in order to reach out to the target audience. We have come to an era whereby mainstream media has changed its sources of information and gearing towards the internet and social media. Therefore, the merging of the three faculties comes at a right time.

This is a world where everyone should be multi-skilled. Someone who is trained as a media specialist needs a knowledge on design and Information Technology (IT). Similarly, a good designer needs to communicate his/her arts and design to their selected audience and the best way to execute this is by using IT.

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The field of IT is not to be restricted to only producing programmes or build systems but IT professionals must be able to analyze data. How effective data can be analysed depends on the communication skills. IT with communication skills will enable IT professionals to write and build specific programmes to analyse data. Therefore, IT graduates who have the added edge of communication and design skills will stand up above the rest of IT graduates and be more competitive. Infographic is a good example of how data can be shared to the public through a good play of design by using softwares and programmes.

We are committed to produce students who are not just brilliant academically, but also smart in technical skills needed by the industry. Another uniqueness we have is that; we offer services that are running by students voluntarily. We encourage them to delve into corporate communication by volunteering with Image East or get into the thick of journalism by running the student’s newspaper called ‘The Voice’.

Feel free to ask us questions via the form on Contact Us, or please come see us directly at our Bestari Jaya campus. I look forward to getting to know each of you personally, so please stop by or say hello!

Warmest Regards,
Ts. Dr. Wan Azlan Wan Hassan @ Wan Harun
Dean, Faculty of Communication, Visual Art and Computing