Bachelor of Multimedia Industry (Hons)

  • The Bachelor of Multimedia Industry (Hons) was developed to concentrate on multimedia concepts and principles, multimedia production management, integration in multimedia elements and others.This program also emphasize and expose students to the use and development of multimedia in the industry. The main focus of this program is to prepare the experts in the multimedia field which is increasing with the current multimedia technology expansion.

  • This program will prepare graduates to gain the strong skills especially in knowledge aspect, practical person and personality in developing advanced systems in the area of industrial information and communication technology. Students will be able to think interdisciplinary, work team oriented and present results professionally.

    What to expect once they have completed their learning are :

    1. Ability to acquire and apply fundamental knowledge of information technology and multimedia industry.
    2. Ability to acquire in-depth technical understanding in information technology and multimedia industry discipline.
    3. Ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding in managing information technology and multimedia industry project .
    4. Ability to identify, formulate and analyze problems in information technology and multimedia industry.
    5. Ability to apply entrepreneurship skills for career development.
    6. Ability to adapt global and environmental responsibility of multimedia professional and recognize the need for sustainable development.
    7. Ability to practice professionalism and commit social, ethical and humanity responsibly.
    8. Ability to communicate in verbal, social cultural and demonstrate effective leadership qualities.
    9. Ability to solve information technology and multimedia industry problems with analytical and critical thinking skills.
    10. Ability to manage information through lifelong learning in facing global challenges.
    • Structure : Full-time and Part-time
    • Credit hour : 123
    • Tuition Fees : RM 23,800.00 (Local) , RM43,200.00 (International)
    • Duration : 3 years
    • Location : Bestari Jaya Campus, UNISEL
    1. Digital Image & Photography Creation
    2. Design Fundamentals
    3. Computer Graphics
    4. Animation Technique
    5. Digital Audio & Video Production
    6. 3D Modelling and Animation
    7. Multimedia Production Management
    8. Desktop Publishing
    9. Virtual Reality
    10. Critical Issues & Evolution in Multimedia
    11. Multimedia Broadcasting Technology
    12. Game Design Fundamentals
    13. Typography for Multimedia
    1. Recognize Matriculation or Foundation with CGPA 2.0 AND credit in Mathematics at SPM level; Or;
    2. Pass Siji Pengajian Malaysia (SPM) or equivalent with credit in Mathematics AND pass Sijil Tinggi Pengajian Malaysia (STPM) with 2 full passes or equivalent with minimum CGPA of 2.0; Or;
    3. A Diploma in Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, Software Engineering or equivalent with CGPA of 2.5. Candidates with CGPA below of 2.5 but above 2.0 may be admitted course to a rigorous assessment process; Or;
    4. Any other Diploma with a minimum CGPA of 2.5, AND credit in Mathematics at SPM level; Or;
    5. Pass Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia (STAM) with at least Jayyid (Good) Level AND Pass Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or equivalent inclusive of Bahasa Melayu and Mathematics
    1. Multimedia Application Developer
    2. Multimedia Software Tool Developer
    3. Multimedia Software Project Manager
    4. Multimedia Consultant
    5. Graphic Designer
    6. Audio/Video Expert
    7. Animation Expert
    8. 2D/3D Designer
    9. VR Designer
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