Welcome to the Faculty of Communication, Visual Art and Computing (FCVAC)

The decisions and commitments we make now will define how we live tomorrow. Despite the present economic downturn, there is concern that the rise in technology-driven jobs and social unrest may cause labour market disruption. Individuals must adapt, alter, and overcome the new normal, such as study-from-home, lockdown, and quarantine, both during and after the epidemic. During the epidemic, the instructors used blended education as a means of communicating with students. As a result, it was able to keep the academic function running smoothly. Furthermore, through bridging the gap between academics and industry, the faculty has consistently improved the pace of academic and curriculum advancement.

wan azlan

Ts. Dr. Wan Azlan Wan Hassan
@ Wan Harun

Faculty of Communication, Visual Art and Computing

Our educational products’ strength in producing marketable graduates in COMMUNICATION – VISUAL ARTS – COMPUTING is as follows:

Through good content, marketing, and a digital platform, the COMMUNICATION core works to shape the proposal in order to attain the education aim. For COMMUNICATION students, technological adoption such as digital information and communication will be targeted as viable future employment. We make every effort to ensure that COMMUNICATION students’ study experience is packed with basic concepts and practises such as industry linkage and collaboration initiatives with affiliated organisations..

The VISUAL ARTS specify creative arts, and photography was among the popular programs in UNISEL International in-practice artisan expertise in the arts, designer, and photographer professions make up the faculty. As part of the educational experience, we incorporate the essential arts into the students’ high-quality artworks. Our VISUAL ARTS is now combining creative media and content development to meet the needs of tomorrow’s workforce.

COMPUTING and digitization make up new opportunities. Disruptive technologies, which are extensively utilised, are driving information toward new methods of managing enterprises. Apart from employment displacement, cloud computing, Big Data, and the rising demand for e-commerce necessitated the development of social and technological skills through advanced education programmes. We provide COMPUTING courses in Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Cyber Security, all of which have a significant influence on talent development.

The world needs an urgent reset to support the current crisis, especially in preparing human capital for tomorrow’s job. We, the Faculty of Communication, Visual Art and Computing, are committed to driving this transformation. Furthermore, we are committed to recruiting talents for the jobs of the future.


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