Image East

Image East Logo

Image East is the first student-run advertising and public relations agency in Malaysia. Established in 2012, its focus is to help clients achieve their communication goals, delivered with optimal use of creativity and stunning images. The agency’s forte in communicating and delivering message has built a strong portfolio in events, newsletters and graphic design, particularly its involvement with the annual World Press Freedom Day Forum and the faculty’s The Voice.

The agency is run by students with the projects overseen by lecturers. Apart from servicing our clients, the agency is to also provide industry experience to students, while they are still learning. The wider experiences gained will help them a lot in overcoming challenges once the students join the workforce.

What Image East Does?

  • Events
  • Graphic Design
  • Multimedia
  • Videography
  • Premium Item
  • Advertising
  • Publication
  • Photography

Why Image East?

Since our inception, our best-in-class thinking and creativity have lead into the production of groundbreaking work for the university. How do we do it?

Set a Goal
We are obsessed about ideas and communication that works, that change attitude and behaviours. Often, that is our goal to create an impact and deliver the creativity.

We think ahead and outside the box. We create to drive change, build brand and communicate.

Not only we work better internally, we work even better hand in hand with our clients to ensure we understand your business and your broader goals.

Professionals and creative enthusiasts who have been in the industry for a while back us with their brilliant skills. Hence, we breed excellent services.

Our end result ensures satisfaction among our clients. They trust our capability in delivering and conveying their goals.

Our flexibility enables clients to share their ideas and we will make it feasible.