International Exposure

The faculty provides international exposure to current students via various programmes and the latest news about them will be announced through various communication channels, including Facebook and this website. The programmes are as below:

  • Student Exchange Programmes
    The faculty has 3 international student exchange programmes. They are the Summer School Programme; the Mevlana Programme; and the Erasmus Programme.
  • International conference
    The faculty often organises international conferences, where students are encouraged to participate in the organisation of a conference, or volunteer as a master of ceremonies.
  • World Press Freedom Day
    Together with Aidcom, the faculty organises the annual World Press Freedom Day where notable journalists overseas are often invited to give a talk, accompanied by a panel of speakers who will discuss issues affecting press freedom.
  • Internship
    In collaboration with our international affiliates, the faculty is able to offer internship overseas, around the world.
  • Study tours
    The faculty also conducts study tours overseas, where students are often exposed to different cultures and ways of living. The tours can also be organised by students of related courses such as Intercultural Communication (Bachelor of Communication (Hons) (Corporate Communication)).
  • Seminars
    International seminars are also often conducted by the faculty. Students are encourages to help organising it or participate as members.
  • Humanitarian Projects
    The faculty encourages students to organise humanitarian projects to help international communities. Example of projects include Glow Walk organised in collaboration with Kimse Yok Mu in November 2015 to raise funds for Syrian refugees; Cycle for Syria in November 2013 to raise funds for Syria; and Walk of Hope 2012 to increase awareness of the famine crisis in Somalia and raise donations to help Somali children.