Diploma in Information Technology

  • Diploma in Information Technology is technical oriented and designed specifically for students who are seriously interested towards developing the industry of information technology. It is a combination of computerization, human and system in order for students to have a wider scope and may specialize in the course if students are keen besides concentrating on just one specialization.

  • Graduates of Diploma in Information Technology will be prepared with programming techniques which involves analyze, develop, design, implement and evaluate Information Technology systems. These skills allow them to be well accepted and successful to build a career in IT or any field related to IT. Graduates also will be occupied with these attributes as parallel with Diploma in Information Technology’s curriculum:At the end of this programme, students shall be able to:

    1. acquire and apply fundamental knowledge of Computer Science and Information Technology.
    2. acquire in-depth technical competence in Computer Science and Information Technolgy discipline.
    3. dentify, formulate and solve Computer Science and Information Technology problems.
    4. commit to professional, social, ethical and humanity responsibility.
    5. communicate in verbal and writing effectively.
    6. demonstrate effective leadership qualities.
    7. manage information through lifelong learning in meeting/facing global challenges.
    8. nurture entrepreneurship skills for career development
    • Structure : Full-time and Part-time
    • Credit Hour : 93
    • Tuition Fees : RM16,825.00 (Local) & RM25,035.00 (International
    • Duration : 2 1/2 Years
    • Location : Bestari Jaya Campus, UNISEL
  • Core Course Description

    Fundamental Of Computer Network

    This course sets out to provide a basic overview of computer network. This include learning to setup wireless network as well as wired network and how to configure router and switches.

    Computer And Network Security Fundamentals

    Issues of computer and network security have become hot topic these days. This course help students to tackle security issues.

    Computer System Maintenance

    This course is an introductory course into which it will teach student how to maintain a computer system. This include configuring and formatting Windows operating system.

    Content Management System

    This course allows student to utilize application such as Joomla and develop a web based system.


    This course focuses on business. It teaches student how to market their products and look at Information Technology from a business perspective.


    Enable student to learn how to store and manage data.

    E Commerce

    This course focuses on how to develop a commercialized website and allows transaction through internet.

    HTML Programming

    This course expose student on how to program using HTML which is used globally nowadays. Using various tools, students will be able to develop an interesting website.

    Introduction to Multimedia

    This course enable student to learn how to integrate graphic, audio and video elements and make it as interesting as possible.

    Object Oriented Programming

    This is an in-depth course to the students on how to program using Java which is commonly used in IT world.

    Visual Programming

    This course focuses on programming using VB.net. Interesting system can be developed using this software.

    Industrial Training

    This course provides the introduction and fundamental experiences toward the understanding of design house working culture and value, standard operating procedure (SOPs) and team works in actual working environment.

    Final Year Project

    Here students will involve themselves in a professional manner in carrying out the work as their final folio. This will put students in a par with the others who a new to the field. Given the diversity of their specialization in information technology, the students encouraged demonstrating their proficiency through the work they create as the basis of specific subjects that have been studied and this may lead them to compete in the future later. Students are given the opportunity to choose the headline in the making of paper work and also works of system that will be created.

  • Pass Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or equivalent with at least [3] credits, inclusive of Mathematics; OR

    Pass Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) or equivalent with at least one [1] principal in any subjects AND credit in Mathematics at SPM level;OR

    Recognised/approved Computing Certificate or equivalent with a minimum GPA of 2.00 and pass SPM with credit in mathematics.OR

    Recognised related Technical/Vocational Certificate a minimum CGPA of 2.00 or equivalent with one [1] year relevant work experience or one [1] semester Bridging programme

    • Web Application Developer
    • Programmer / Analyst Programmer
    • Database Administrator
    • Knowledge Based Engineer
    • Network Engineer
    • Network Administrator
    • System Administrator

    Public Sector: Basic starting monthly salary is around RM1200; plus allowances (e.g. housing, travel, entertainment) can total to a sum of RM 1500.

    Private Sector: the amount of basic starting monthly salary can vary from the above amount.
    However, the total amount of monthly salary earned (inclusive of allowance) is subjected to negotiation and which may be higher than the public sector

  • Dr Nur Syufiza Ahmad Shukor
    Telephone : +60332805121
    E-mail : nur_syufiza@unisel.edu.my