• +603 3280 5121 / +6014 330 7433
  • fcvac@unisel.edu.my
  • Programme :

    Diploma in Computer Science (Industrial Computing)
  • KPT / MQA Code :

    KPT/JPS (R2/482/4/0106) 05/21(A7877)
  • Campus :

    Bestari Jaya
  • Programme Coordinator :

    Ts. Rohaya Abu Hassan
    Tel: +603 3280 5121
    Email: rohaya@unisel.edu.my

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This programme is an academic programme specifically tailored for technical-oriented students who possess deep interests and high tendencies to develop and improve industrial information systems and applications, model and simulate manufacturing systems, design and machine engineering products, and analyze and optimize production solutions to cater for industrial needs.

Industrial computing is a special hybrid skill set comprising computer science, manufacturing engineering and operations management. This programme concentrates on, but not limited to, industrial information system/application analysis and development, robotic manipulator arm and mechanism modeling, simulation and programming, programmable logic controller programming, manufacturing system modeling, simulation and analysis, engineering product design and machining, and operations management statistical data analysis.

  • Structure: Full-Time
  • Credit Hours: 93
  • Tuition Fee: RM17,265(Malaysian) / RM27,860(International)
  • Duration: 2.5 years
  • Pass SPM and obtain at least 3 credits including Mathematics; OR
  • Pass STPM and obtain at least 1 principal and a credit in SPM Mathematics; OR
  • Pass STAM (Maqbul tier) and a credit in SPM Mathematics; OR
  • Pass Level-3 SKM and a credit in SPM Mathematics;OR
  • Pass Level-3 Community College Certificate and a credit in SPM Mathematics.

The Computing Department reviews and revises the contents of this programme from time to time in order to ensure the knowledge given to the students will be in line with current knowledge in industry. The core major courses are listed as follows:

  1. Automation Systems
  2. Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing
  3. Operations Research
  4. Modeling and Simulation
  5. Inventory Control and MRP
  6. Quality Control
  7. Digital Logic Design
  8. Computer Organization and Architecture

Assistant Engineer, Engineering Product Designer, Assisteant Information System Officer, Information System Analyst, Information System Developer, Programmer, COmputer Technician, Assistant Researcher

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