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  • Programme :

    Bachelor of Library Science (Hons)
  • KPT / MQA Code :

    R/322/6/0002 (A0255)
  • Campus :

    Bestari Jaya
  • Programme Coordinator :

    Farid Wajdi Mohd Nor
    Tel: +603 3280 5121
    Email: faridwajdi@unisel.edu.my

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Library Science refers to procedures within a library and the management of the libraries dealing with identification, gathering, handling, storage, retrieval and dissemination of information resources. Library science is an interdisciplinary field that applies the practices, perspectives and tools of management, information technology, education and other areas related to the libraries.
It is concerned with the collection, organization, preservation of information resources and provision of information services and the political economy of information

  • Structure: Full-Time
  • Credit Hours: 120
  • Tuition Fee: RM 24,270(Malaysian)
  • Duration: 3 years

If you are a Malaysian and wish to enroll in this programme, you must have:

  • A pass in STPM or its equivalent, with a minimum of Grade C (GP 2.00) in any two subject and a pass in Mathematics or additional mathematics and English at SPM level or its equivalent; OR
  • A pass in STAM with a minimum grade of Jayyid and a pass in Mathematics or Additional Mathematics and English at SPM level; OR
  • A Diploma or its equivalent, with a minimum CGPA of 2.00 and pass in Mathematics and English at SPM level or its equivalent. OR
  • Matriculation/Foundation or equivalent, with a CGPA of 2.00 and a pass in Mathematics or Additional Mathematics and English at SPM Level or its equivalent. OR
  • A pass in SPM or its equivalent, with a qualification of an Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) accredited by MQA 5 years working experience and pass in Mathematics and English at SPM level or its equivalent.

MPU 3113 Hubungan Etnik
MPU 3212 Bahasa Kebangsaan A
MPU 3222 Social Work Skills
MPU 3232 Kemahiran Al-Quran
MPU 3312 Dakwah Islam Di Malaysia
MPU 3322 Malaysian Legal System
MPU 3412 Sport
MPU 3422 Event Management
MPU 3432 Uniform Force
MPU 3442 Martial Art
MPU 2452 Community Service

ZES 1233 Technical English 1
ZES 1243 Technical English 2
ZLU 1212 Japanese
ZLU 1222 Mandarin
ZLU 1232 Arabic

SLD2253 Acquisitions of Library Materials Procedures
SLD2113 Subject Cataloguing and Classification
SLD3113 Computerized Cataloguing
SLD2213 Introduction to Abstracting and Indexing
SLD2243 Report Writing and Information Skills
SLD2313 Community Information and Children Library Science
SLD2223 Keeping Archives
SLD1313 Information, Library and Society
SLD1123 Descriptive Cataloguing I : Monograph
SLD1213 Descriptive Cataloguing II : Non Book Materials
SLD2353 Introduction to Digital Libraries

SLD1223 Theories and Principles of Information Science
SLD2233 Reference Work
SLD2143 Keeping of Special Record
SLD1133 Organization of Knowledge in Libraries
SLD3133 Electronic Record Keeping
SLD2123 Record Keeping in Organization
SLD3123 Library Promotion and Publicity
SLD2353 Preservation of Information Services
SLD1143 Introduction to Librarianship and Library Management
SLD2343 Introduction to Ethics and Professionalism
SLD2323 Introduction to Entrepreneurship in Information Services
SLD1323 Fundamental of Computer Application in Libraries

Students are able to venture into any career path that involves job prospect such as reference, circulation, technical services, acquisitions, cataloging, system automation, indexing/abstracting, archives, serial management, manuscripts, access/outreach, Metadata, digital files, digital/paper preservation, government documents, document controller and related fields.

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